Gift For Teacher

End of school year is getting close and of course I have to get the teacher something for making my daughter's first year so wonderful. She really is an amazing teacher. I didn't want to get her one of those crummy teacher gifts that say #1 Teacher...sorry to all those who give them. I just feel as though they have a million and one of them sitting in the basement of their home just collecting dust because who really has enough room for years and years of gifts from every child they've ever taught? So I thought...why not get her something she can enjoy and look good with at the same time...nothing to make her chubby like chocolate, nothing to make her feel silly like a sweater with a crayon apple and chalk on it...but something anyone would love to receive, not teacher generic.

So here it is...the reveal

Cute Right?
Not bad for not doing this on a regular basis.
I think she'll love it, I always see her wearing these colors.
I've titled this piece, BEACH GLASS

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