Is anyone else as addicted to Etsy as I am? Oh My...
Lets just say some days it's caused a near divorce.
I could stay on that site all day...and still not feel fully satisfied that I've seen everything I could.
I mean it's like a little land of awesomeness.
I'm drooling....totally
Some people are so creative and talented.

I'm thinking though....I know right...
but really I am....
I'd love to start a shop...
but this time only on Etsy, and only ready made products...
this way...I can't get over whelmed like I did before with all the custom orders.

I would love to hear the imput of some of you that A. have a site of your own and/or that B. are shoppers on Etsy.

What would or do you love to shop for?

Here's one of the products I will be selling once my shop opens. This one included.

Would love love love to hear your opinions on this piece as well. How much would YOU pay for something like this (maybe if you don't like this one pretend it's colors you love...how much would you pay for it?)


On another Spell & a new Name

well Hello There! The new year has brought a new name and a new motive for me...my blog will pretty much be the same only more focused on my before after and finished projects!

however...I've been neglecting you all..I know....shame on me....my new year resolution is something wonderful!....ORGANIZATION and SIMPLIFYING and FINISHING projects.
This week I have two hats to complete because the orders given were too small...also I have to finish Emily and Cohen's curtains and bed curtains...
I won't get the bedroom FULLY finished...I know I know....I'm also getting a head of myself and buying material for my bedroom....ahhh and I've convinced my Mano to let me put some purple in there....he soooooo sweet...either that or he knows I'll do it anyways...here are my inspiration photos...with real ones to follow soon (I hope)

This photos below show similar versions of what I'm looking for the first photo shows the color of my room right now which I intend to keep, just freshen up.
I'll have brown bedding with grey sheets, and dark purple accents. My floors are light wood and I'm hoping to get a good deal on a faux fur rug... :)

This photo shows how I want the tops of my curtains to look...they will be grey with a band of purple not sure if I'll use this style yet...we'll have to wait and see. If I can find a pair with grommets I'll use them