Barn stars with just paint is BOOOOORRRING!

I love barn stars. I have a collection actually...when I bought these three they were black, burgundy and a beige color...I didn't really like them that color so I sprayed the red and cream one white...didn't really like that much either too plain...I'm not into plain if you haven't figured that out yet!
So the last one which was big and black didn't have texture like the other two. I thought for sure ("I'd ruined it when the spray can kept clumping my paint spray") if I tried hard enough I could get it to have some depth with the spray paint...and well...what do you think? Did I succeed? I think it looks amazing.

Since this craft ("messed up") took soo much skill...I can't tell you how to do this on your own.


here is a little Craft for you to do to give yours some texture.
I took the second and third stars and gave them some depth too. Here's how. Using a plain piece of paper I created a template for each star "spike" then traced that onto some textured scrap booking paper. Took some plain old white liquid school glue (not the glue stick kind) and with a paint brush spread it all over the star point. Then glued the paper to it let it dry, wha laa! Intant LOVE

Tune in later to see these fabulous stars finished and in my bathroom!

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Getting Organized to Get Organized

I went shopping yesterday "SURPRISE"...but really all jokes aside - I was actually looking for something I didn't find. However, I did find something else "SURPRISE" hehee - this amazing storage shelf thing for $2.00 to help organize all my crafty supplies. I bought one just testing the waters since it was in a box and had these storage containers in mind that I bought a while ago on a whim to organize which didn't happen but they fit just perfect...these purchases we only $1.00 each. I'm going back to the store to get more of both of these today.

Also got the amazing green PAISLEY fabric tucked in the middle shelf on discount at Walmart for 1.97/metre...and obviously I bought all that they had. (Did I mention Paisley is another obsession of mine) I'm not sure just what to do with it yet...I might use the back side since it's more muted and less LOUD. The bright colors just aren't me. BUT IT'S PAISLEY and that is me.
AND picked up this pink sheet set for my daughter's bed..originally from Walmart but found at Value Village for just 1.99 a piece...this was part of our finds from the other day but I decided to wait to post it at a later date. Which just happened to be now...One day later...go figure.

And this lamp also from V V that matches the paisley sheets for my daughters room. $6.99...can't wait to see this room all put together!

I'm going shopping again today to pick up hardware for my desk I bought a while ago and the side table I bought in the thrift craze two days ago...Matchy Matchy!


Yet another unrelated dining room do-over

So my friend and I went shopping yesterday at thrift stores and near got killed from the crazy mad dashes for item. We did manage to come out with a few scores...here's a photo of the back of her car....and a few "in-depth" photos of our finds. There were so many things that we couldn't get due to the fact that I simply would have felt bad clubbing an old lady over the head with my newly found TP rack to get what she had grab that I wanted - BUT non the less a great day full of great finds...take a look.
The SUV...

TP holder that slings over the back of the toilet...almost part of a crime scene...for only 2.00

Sharon's awesome mirror find...

Can you believe this stand for only 6.99

LOVE these frames Sharon scored for only 3.99 each They are heavy...meaning good quality

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I'm working on THIS find today...but am at a stand still...there are a few more things I'd like to add to the amazing transformation but am stuck at ribbon which to choose...vintage or sleek? Letting you all decide as I take you trough the transformation so far...

The Before

And here I spray painted them from "original" to white...mmmm white.

I'm going to place one right side and one upside down attaching them with ribbon (as seen in the photo) but which ribbon to use this is my dilemma? I am at a stand still -HELP!

The black and grey sleek?
or the vintage black lace?

Lastly I am going to place in each of the arches monograms. Maybe of the kids names, maybe of our last name, not quite sure about that yet either that will be decided once I see the ribbons in place. But maybe I should have I mentioned my addiction to monograms. Or have I told you yet? No? Well let me tell you, I LOVE monos! You'll see as each of my rooms come together I'm hoping on having a Mono in each room....ooooo the anticipation, right? :)
Looking at the photos I think I like the vintage lace...but what do you think?

And again just a reminder of before when they were BLAH

They are going to look so cute!

OoOoOor....how about this? and a monogram on the top? I think I'm in LOVE....

As a side note...BOTH of these additions (the ribbon&medallion) are from my blog swap partner at The Shabby Chic Cottage Jeanna....I love me some Jeanna!


On the Road again...

So we travelled down home for a wedding. On the way there we came across THIS on the side of the road...I know right...who would through this away...it's got soooo much potential.

Can not wait to get home and get this up and running...have to wait until I get a head start on my dining room first though. :(

My husband and Father went to an auction and found these - the perfect gift for a photographer...antique cameras! eeeeeeee.....how excited was I ! LOVE LOVE LOVE my family!



So it's almost the end of May and the answer to the question "is my dining room almost done" is NO and big fat NO. It's been crazy in this house and everything that could have happened as a distraction has happened. Never the less I'm trudging along in hopes that June will bring a little more time and we'll get both the dining room and entrance finished....it's a dream but who knows maybe if I try hard enough a reality.

Here's some things I've been doing while everything else is falling apart...

Some beautiful scenery from my mother in laws garden and yard...ahhhh summer

...and here's a cute little picture frame I found at a yard sale for 3.00 they sell the exact same ones at Walmart for 16.99!
The close up shows you some heavy dirt or mould not sure which one yet...I wanna find at least one if not two more without having to buy full price..I'm changing the photos in it of course to my beautiful babies.


Door ReVamp!

So while waiting for the good stuff to get going in the dining room...which is posing to have a few issues - like, mistakably two different size panel mouldings off by 2/16 of an inch...enough to make a big problem - it's too bad I cut them before I noticed, out just a bit of money there...anyways enough rambling, I decided to take out some frustration on this...

Here you see a picture of the house when we bought it (it's the only photo I have with a before picture)

and the door now, I placed a 67 which is obviously a house number lol but non the less FABULOUS!

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The Beginning of a Wonderful Thing!

The header is up on one side of the dining room as I anxiously await the other side to get done...as you can see in the other photo I've taped out the panels and chair rail for my husband to create and amazing charm to this much bland dining room. CAN'T wait to see the finished project

Oh and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful mom's out there!