Life's a Beach

Remember my drift wood ? Well....here it is now....in all it's beachy glory! I'm so glad it came to live with me instead of staying on the beach....not that the beach isn't a great place to live, but my house needed him...he completes us! ahhhh love, sweet love!

He's going to look so sweet in my bathroom once it's all done up pretty and new!

How I did it?

First : I sparingly painted the board with a flat white paint...I actually used ceiling paint, making sure not to cover it completely and with no real even storks and let dry.
Secondly : I Painted the words beach in a contrasting color...I free handed mine but you could always measure and trace or use stencils.
Third : Once the paint was dried I scuffed it up to my liking with sand paper.

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  1. i have a piece of driftwood that would be perfect for this! thanks for sharing!

  2. I love it - the letters color, drifty charm, etc.! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love this...beautifully faded colors...so great! Thanks for your sweet comment on the sideboard...the pulls came from Lee Valley if you need some. :) shaunna

  4. It's beautiful! I really want to make a BEACH sign for my bathroom. I know I could buy one but making one sounds a lot more fun.


  5. It was much easier than I thought for sure took maybe 10 mins total not including drying time

  6. What a cool idea. I just love old wood, driftwood and absolutely must make one. It will go great in the beach house we're about to build. Can't wait!

  7. Lovey job. Love how distressed it is. Thanks!

  8. Super cool! I would love it for my rustic/beachy home!

  9. Life at the beach is a wonderful
    way to live.
    Loved the sign great tutorial
    keep them coming!

  10. Love this look. I'm painting a bed in a similar manner and really like the color you used for the word Beach. What color/brand did you use?