Weekend Wonderful

I want to share with you a little about my wonderful weekend - before I do my "real" weekly post - which should be coming very soon...

We planned yet another trip to the beach..this was so that I could be in search for both drift wood and shells, maybe even get lucky and find some sand dollars if the tide was out enough.

BUT before we went there we stopped at my favorite second hand store back home and found


OMG...I know right?
It's in the cutest white linen covered frame...I love it! It's going to set in my entry on my thrifted table!

To the beach.....

So after scouring the beach we found some fabulous finds - No sand dollars but non the less...

This nice little glass cylinder/platform I found on Thursday at my favorite thrift store for just 2.00. This glass was my inspiration for wanting MORE shells...as if there wasn't enough shells kicking around this house...but you can never have too many I always say. It's now sitting in my guest room on the long dark dresser.


AND then we found THIS! (well I did) Let's give credit where credit is due!

Yes, a peice of wood...not just any wood though...drift wood...stay tuned to see my vision for this one later! Will it be my weekly post?


We also found more small pieces of drift wood sticks but I haven't found enough for what I am looking to do so I will post those at a later date when I have all that I need.


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