No, I'm still alive!

I bet you all thought that I was a goner...nope just extremely busy over the holidays...so busy I didn't have time to take photos of any of my hand made gifts...
My intentions for this post was to post them so you could all see why I have been MIA.
I really want to show you what I've been doing so I am going to steal other peoples photos of the similar type to what I've done.

I've made a coffee cozy for a friend of mine in an Elvis Presley fabric....she's so in love with him she has him tattooed on her body. It was the perfect gift because she drinks about 3 - 4 cups of Timmies a day! yeah...I know.

I've made some glass bead magnets to go with a round magnet board I got for my best to attach to the wall and tag memo's for herself in what will one day be a craft/art room when I get her into the swing of the idea....she totally deserves a room to herself for that type of thing...

I made some ribbon etched dishcloths to match her kitchen as well.

I've made a rag quilt Super Hero style..

I've made a camera strap cover for a fellow photographer friend...sooo cute

I made some pan scrubbies & Some washer Jewellery