My "Motivation" List

The Shabby Chic Cottage is hosting a Tasking:

In no particular Order...here are Mine! My "Motovation"
- Feel free to cheer me on, on a regular basis -

  1. Paint Trim in Bathroom
  2. Paint Hall Way
  3. Clean out Kitchen Cupboards
  4. Re Create Ottoman
  5. Think of uses for Old Window Frames
  6. Paint Bathroom Vanity
  7. Do a Photo Session for Contest
  8. Complete Wedding Edits
  9. Re"do" and Hang photos in Bath
  10. Clean out Toy Room

I thought I should share with you my "gutsy" move on the farmer's peony bush at the top of our road!

NOooooo...I didn't steal them...that would be wrong, I simply went up to them while they worked in their yard, with my hands clasped so tight together that they were turning white and asked nicely (begged) if I could have some...Don't you just love the stash I got...can't wait to get my own bush someday though so I'm not skeefing others anymore!

Here's some photos of them placed just so, in my cutesy little spots...ahhhhh the charm.

Don't mind the mess in the photo...I'm not great at layering as you can tell...and yes I am aware my wall is not fully painted

I'm in LOVE honestly...my husband even asked why I don't get so excited about him that way...I simply told him because even though he smells...it's not that nice. J. I told him not to get so jealous...they would only be around for a while then he'd have me back all to himself...but for now...PEONIES!!!

Lastly a full view of them in the new guest room...still no art work/photo...maybe I should add that to my list as well....oh well too late now...maybe if I win I'll use that piece of art work in there...yeah that's what I'll do! Now to go choose...just incase....

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  1. I Love your peonies!!
    Good luck on your 10 tasks!