It Just Keeps Getting Better

Picked up this amazing vanity desk at a yard sale for just 20.00. I can't wait to see it done up all shabby chic like. The best part....I'm going to try and find crystal knobs to replace these "fabulous" purple ones.



It's Earth Day and even though this is not a DIY, a Reno Project, or even a fab find...I thought it was cute to share with you some things we did on this wonderful day....first...we picked up ALL the garbage around the yard...what a task...two bags full. Embarrassing and heart breaking. Then to reward ourselves we had some YUMMY worms in dirt...Check them out..these were made with Vanilla Ice Cream, Oreo Crumbs, Chocolate Syrup and Gummy Worms. BUT for mom the low fat version was Vanilla Yogurt, Oreo Crumbs and Gummy Worms...still yummy but saves my tummy.


So this week there wasn't much crafting/thrifting or renovating BUT there was an amazing find along the way. This is the wall paper on my livingroom feature wall...I want to tie it into my dining room which is opened beside it

Soooo...you will see THIS on the floor of my dining room when I do my reveal....A RUG to match just about perfectly with the greys in the wall paper to fit under my table...oh the charm...

I got it on sale for 29.99 at a local warehouse. That's even cheaper than I've seen them at Wally Mart. I'm so pumped about the whole situation. I may even add a little detail around the edges of the rug just incase it's not fancy enough for the dining room, but I guess we will have to wait for the reveal to see!


A Cute Little Find...

So...I was out at a second hand shop yesterday looking for some more white fabric with texture...which I found yep that's right...1 yard for 1.00...GO ME...and I found this cute tin/silver like potter, and this sweet little bell. The planter pot I plan on using in the dining room as a small table center piece between my two hurricanes, and the bell we will see at a later date in the NEW guest room!

In the picture you can't really see in inscription but it says " Mother's Day 1978 " This reminds me so much of the one my grandmother had when I was growing up. Soooo Charming..don't you think?

Bought this lamp at a second hand shop for 9.99 and used some white spray paint to fancy it up...and although I forgot to take a before picture in all the excitement to rush and paint it the picture below is one I found off the net that is almost identical to what it did look like.

And a little spray paint....

A shade for 14.98 plus tax from Walmart and WHAAAHHLA...a new fab lamp for $28.21


This Month's projects are inspired by..My Front Room!

Though I'm working on the living room this month you will not see the finished project as I am only plugging away at the living room until my husband finishes the construction in the dining room. Once this is done I'm going to be making THAT room my May Project WHICH is a task in it's own since there is something going on EVERY WEEKEND in May. But I'm up for the challange...I CAN do this...I have no choice. :)

I seen this pillow and just had to have one...I'm not a fan of the blue being in it because I am trying for a grey and white theme for the major rooms in my home so this blue just won't work. I have decided to create some pillows like this for my couch and some other fun inspired pillows to go with the flow...once that is done..I MAY or May Not work on slip covers...only time will tell. With two kiddos a life of sewing is a tough task!

Here's the Project so far...

And the Finished Project...I decided to reverse the side the flowers were on...it just looked better

I also Made another pillow...here it is...when the living room is posted you'll see the entire collection of pillows I have created.

This is a photo of one side of the room Currently...I found a cute little side table that will replace the one that is there currently...just to brighten the place up...This will all be displayed at a later date with the room completion.

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We'll I'm here now and there's no turing back. I'm setting some goals right here and now: As a minor goal I am going to try and post a new craft every month but as a major goal every week...I'll probably fall somewhere in between. I've gotten into this Shabby Chic Faze and plan to follow it, it's a modern twist too. Over the next few months I plan on finishing up the CRAZY renovations that are going on in my house right now, this blog will hopefully keep me afloat in succeeding such a task. I'll have a post beginning with items that will go in a room as an "accessory" followed by a photo of the finished product of the room. ENJOY...oh and did I mention I'M SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!


Even though I stated that I would be posting photos pertaining to the room I'm working on I just couldn't help myself to make these WONDERFUL vintage clothes pins as the clothesline was calling my name during this wonderful weather. I got the idea from a blog posting from "Twice Remembered Cottage" which can I add is one of my favourites...she's wonderful. I loved hers but wanted to take mine one step further to use a lighter design and antiqued it...I couldn't be happier...I'm all smiles about this one. I LOVE CLOTHES PINS!

I've only made these so far but plan on making more this week to make sure my clothes line is the best looking one in the neighbourhood. And to think, this whole project cost me nothing but time because I used all the scraps from around my house!

Here's " Project Clothes Pin " Day 1

So two days into " Project Clothes Pin " and I couldn't resist doing a pink set and green set before the week was out.