Well it's Been Almost 3 Months

I've been really slacking lately...on my blog and on a lot of things really...I'm about to start working and overhauling on the kids room...the decal is up, the walls are the same, I made a curtain for the bunks but now am thinking I may take my son's toddler bed out and just place the bunks side by side because I really love the look of two twin beds beside one another.  My daughter and I are spending the day tomorrow weeding everything out measuring and figuring out placement...the frames have photos in them and are ready to be hung...I have a few finishing touches left as well to either look or make bedding for their beds to match one another.  I hope to have an actual update for you after the weekend as it's going to be Canada Day here on Friday and we are going to be celebrating with Friends and Family!  Enjoy your weekend everyone and I will be back before you know it....no more 3 month disappearances