2 Down 8 More to Go!


So you remember the stool right? The Brown/Rust Retro Chunk of Ugly I got for 2.00 or was it 3.00? Well...Incase you forgot here it is...in all its glory!

When I bought this I was certain it would go in front of Emily's and soon to be Cohen's as well little cushy rocking chair...and sure enough...it looked like it was made to sit there. Same size, same height...
I am doing the gremlin's room in blue requested by Miss Emily herself (white walls mom with blue) She's got such great decor sense already! So when I found this amazing blue fabric - ON CLEARANCE at Wal Mart - with the tiniest white pin strips through it I knew it was perfect. 1.94 / metre? I'll take 2...no wait 4 metres....maybe I should get more...no 4 will do for now.
What to do with it now....quilt, curtains? OTTOMAN! Yes yes YES! Girly but masculine.....oh the adrenalin. waaahhhooooo! OK so it wasn't that exciting but still I was pretty pumped!

I began to make a slipcover. I didn't want to upholster it because...well you haven't met my son...but he's pretty messy and grubby and his dirty little hands seem to get on everything in a; wash my couch once a week kinda way.

I wanted to give it a bit of ruffle but not too much so I first stitched it by hand and gave it a slight pull...wrapped it around the ottoman and pinned it on the underside once I knew it was about the right fluffy...yes I just said fluffy.

Lastly, I turned it inside out and with the machine finished it off. I must say...I'm pretty impressed with myself. It turned out looking soo cute! AND it's not overly girly.

Decor Mamma


  1. Why are there sooo many things ending up in landfills, when creative minds like ours can merely transform them. LOL

    Time Travel Thursday and Tips & Tricks Tuesday are ready for your creative posts to be linked. :)


    Each party runs for six days, so come on by!

    Hope to see you there!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  2. This came out gorgeous. I have an old storage ottoman I'd like to cover, but I am so picky about fabrics. I'm glad you found such a good deal!

  3. Love it! Well, the bodice is fitted, and a little flounce to the skirt is quite nice!

    Fantastic Job!