Learning the Hard Way

So I've begun my painting adventures again in the hall...and have learned the hard way that when painting white over a darker color you CANNOT cut corners. A few months ago I began to paint my entry way a shade of white over my light beige. It took about 4 - 5 coats to get it not to show through...I thought it was because I bought the cheaper can of paint and opted to get another brand this time to do my hallway. Below I am going to show you how I learned "the hard way"

This photo shows my hallway after two coats - painted the day I felt "under the weather"
LOVE the streaks after two coats, don't you? So I got fed up and quit for the day.

Then I thought, today, one more coat I'm sure of it....let it dry and nope that's still no good....then one more coat making FOUR....still showing some streaks. ARE YOU KIDDING ME

well I can't because it's part of my challenge, DANG!

So I got smart...just prime it. My little helper voice said...see what happens....
YEEEAHHHH, IN YOUR FACE PAINT....I WIN! - the little voice is strikes again

This photo is after just ONE coat of primer and ONE coat of paint.

It's finished..well the challenge part anyways...I say not finished because there's not trim or molding or baseboard

In time though, In time

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