It's True

Yes it is true I have been MIA last week and the better part of this week.

My holidays were shortened up a bit so I spent the remainder of those once holiday - days finishing up my tasking for The Shabby Chic Cottage - 10 tasks in 10 days Challenge. It was a struggle in it's own but I got it finished and a few other things along the way.

Then we headed "home" for the weekend to visit with family. Celebrated Canada Day and some other great events like a family reunion and a 25th Anniversary. We had a blast even though it was cut short.

So back to thrifting and crafting!

I did tell you I would show you the finished results of the bathroom but I've decided against that because with the floor not finished and tiled I just don't think the room looks complete...it looks almost mis mashed at this point. So I lied...yes I know....hold it against me if you will but if you don't I have something very fab to share with you - well a few things actually!

Starting with...............drum roll please......tappyity tap tap tappppppppp....

yeah yeah I know I'm a dork.

A 5 year old handmade cutesy bracelet for my daughter's friend who moved away after school (thank you military for making my daughter cry, you never fail) JK

Another pillow case dress...this one made for my daughter's friend Hannah for her 6th birthday...isn't it such a Hannah dress? ( You can also see the ivory tutu dress I am beginning aswell off to the side there tucked in behind and yes...I know that open outlet is dangerous...I fixed it once I took the photo and looked at it)

If you'd like to know out how to make one...it's simple enough...google "how to make a pillow case dress" or you tube it - which might I add is the BEST INVENTION EVER...aside from blogs

Another bracelet for no one really. I just decided to try it (and you can too - in a Deal or no Deal type voice hehe yes I know dork...you don't have to keep mentioning it...geeze) I read this tutorial @ Yellow BlackBird that showed me how. It was featured on one of my fav blogs Tatertots and Jello just before July 4th

And lastly but not least...this wonderful artwork made by my 5 year old for her uncle and his gal to hang in his house WAAAYYY across Canada.

I think it's super sweet. I seen something similar on Tumbler. The total project was from the dollar store and cost 2 whole dollars. However, the value.....priceless.

OK ALREADY!!!...stop calling me a dork.... I'm in a mood of dorkie-ness today

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  1. Oh my - LOVE that dress - so cute! Sounds like you had a lovely mini vacation with lots of fun! :)

  2. Your bracelet is beautiful! I really love the colors! Thanks for the link to Yellow Blackbird!