I'm done my work for my challenge at the Shabby Chic Cottage! Weuf what a task...Glad I got it all done...The shoot went great the edits look great and most of all my bathroom looks great...I can't wait to show you a few edits from the shoot and also photos of my new bathroom...BUT it won't have it's floor replaced. I just have to do a few finishing touches before I post the photos...and want to keep you in suspense a little longer!

Also, although most of you may not care I am SUPER excited because I won my very first BLOG GIVEAWAY! A $25.00 Gift Certificate to Hannah Banana...I LOVE IT! Thank you FF. I'm soooo excited...

I'm not at my own computer right now but could not contain myself to wait! So forgive me for the lack of photos and my usual posting powers :)

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and Happy 4th of July in 2 days! YAY for celebrating the love of our Countries!

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