Tutu Giveaway Ending Soon!

Just a reminder to all my amazing blog friends...who give me purpose :) That the tutu giveaway ends this Tues. July 20th...THAT'S JUST TWO DAYS AWAY!

Here are some more samples to get you motivated to win...you can choose from just about every color of the rainbow and even choose your ribbon color! If you have already chosen your color and changed your mind...don't worry if you win I will have you contact me and we'll chat about what you really want before the order is placed.

Haven't entered yet? Click here now to find out how AND to enter to win your tutu for that someone special.

This one is totally darling, and wedding worthy...can you say flower girl?

Two tones are sweet and dainty but can also have a bit of rock n' roll style to them when paired with legg-ies.

This one is a fun style and a cute Halloween Costume to boot!

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  1. Your Blog is super cute! Love all the great idea; think I'm going to have some fun making some solar light mason jars very soon! TFS!