Please read my Rantings from a Crazy Person

So as most of you know my hubba has been gone : ( This I must say is sad, and amazing : ) First I'll say I love my husband he allows me to have some time to myself without the kids and sometimes when I do get the urge to clean (which in itself is a miracle) he takes the kids OUT of the house so I can do just that. BUT MAN it's been sooo nice having no where near as much laundry to do, no where near as much dirty dishes and the house stays relatively cleaner...until last week....you may all remember my closet madness, well I'm delighted to say (BAHAHA yeah right) it's still not done! And now because I didn't finish that I decided to pull off another project. I must say at times I'm pretty "unintelligent". NOW my sons birthday is tomorrow my house is completly ripped apart...and I have to stay up all night to clean it. YAY ME...boooooooo.

Terry please come home......

So there that was my sad story and no he's not coming home for those of you who are wondering. He is coming for a visit on the weekend before returning back to the "take your spouse away to learn stupid stuff course" for another 2 weeks....but thanks for nothing that's two days too late!

On a plus note I got two wonderful packages in the mail today. One from my US swap buddy full off tons of US catalogue and one from my printing company (also US).
Note to you US followers....it's no wonder you all have such amazing things on your blogs. Apart from being totally creative you also have AMAZING inspiration cataloges PB, Ballard, Hanna Anderrson, CW kids, I could go on and on. I was buried for hours in them. My creative juices are flowing like crazy. Can't wait until this week is over with the Birthday and Halloween out of the way I'm bound to have time to whip some inspirational stuff up!

Keep your Eyes Peeled!

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  1. Hope the time goes by quickly, I know how hard it is to be alone with the kids.