Fall Photo Licious...and how tos

These First bit of Photos are from my Entryway: With a little inexpensive way to dazzle!

The vase close up was decorated with acorns that I picked off a tree and the park...shhhhh cause I don't think I am suppose to have them....And the pine cones I got there too. The candle is a coffee candle from the dollar store and the reed diffuser and vase holder are from Party Lite....ahhhhh Party Lite...how I love everything you have! Although I'm just noticing from the photo it might be a little full cause the top isn't level...guess I'll have to smush it more. So since I already had the diffuser and the vase holder...and you can use other things you have around your house to get this similar effect...my total cost was 0.00 for this lil diddy.

What's this?

This is an arrangement that cost me....you guessed it 0.00. I went outside into my side ditch...you can find the same stuff just where ever on the side of the road, in your ditch, neighbours ditches (hehee) Bring a pair of scissors and cut the hay/tall grass at one of the joints...yes they have joints (or at least that's what I call them)...get a bunch...a whole bunch...I would have liked more but ran out of my supply, until I can raid the ditch of someone else...shhhhhh. Then I got some extra ribbon from my stash and this is what you get when you put them together.

Just Lovely isn't it? I think so too...just don't look at the side wall not done yet and omit the mess of shoes I need to side up and de-clutter and it looks like a magazine. Bahahaahaaa.

Next up we have some more Dollar Store Craftiness. Did you know Craftiness IS a real word...seriously it didn't put red lines under my spell checker...just thought you'd like to know.
Of course you've all seen my Dollar Store Wire Pumpkins...they were featured on an amazing Craft Site...you can check out the tute on how to do them HERE and the site they were featured on HERE.

And my Candle Stick Hurricane Candle Holders ... the tute for these can be found HERE...and yes I am aware one of my candle sticks is missing a ribbon...you can talk to my son about that.
Also tied into the mix are some party lite tea lights, and a white PL oil burner with Pinecones and bows decorated on it and a bowl of scented STUFF (pinecones, etc.) Glass balls I got on sale at Walmart after Christmas last year for 75% off I think they cost me 1.50 Mercury Vots. and a glass mercury ball I ALSO got on sale after Christmas at Home Hardware and lastly a table runner I made with scrap material.

A really Simple yet stunning table top Decor...there's a brown ball missing from my son who again you can talk to about stealing my stuff.
The Balls were from the dollar store the large one I think was 1.50 I got it in the summer. I got the other three (2) from a friend because they came in packs of two for a dollar so I got the extra of each color! WHOOHOOO for free stuff!. I tied raffia around an old yardsale candle...which was also in an older post from the summer and stuck some FREE cause they are off my front yard...leaves into the raffia. I think it looks just so sweet.

And though it is in the lower photo these pumpkins are not staying on my coffee table. I have seen some VERY cute topiaries around blog land that I am trying to recreate with these that I bought years ago at Walmart. I'm showing you this photo because I wanted to show you my new wall hangings...yes they are done being painted and are hung up nicely I think....what do you think? Not bad for 5.00. And look...there's mr Banjo lying on the couch...aweee

This sits on my table at the far end of my sofa. Pinecones...free orange berries...1.00 at the...you guessed it....dollar store. There's even a small wasp nest my hubba found outside the other day.
And the tray also 1.00 at the DS I just roughly painted it white...surprised? Really though, what other color would I use.

And this piece below....PARTY LITE...hehee...but really though folks...this piece I LOVE and...it's a host special this month if you book a show...there's a set of three...I just have the one :( The photo doesn't quite do it justice...but with my dark walls it was hard to get a real good photo...well that's just an excuse...I was just lazy.

Well Folks that's it...but I will leave you with one more photo...we went picking pumpkins the other day and I just HAD to take a photo of just a PART of the pumpkin patch...because I was sooo blown away but the THOUSANDS of pumpkins.

Look at em all! the wrapped all around the parking lot and around the large gazebo that I'm standing beside to take the photo, on all sides, and then across to the other side of the parking lot...it was amazing! My daughter's head looks so small in this photo she's become one of the pumpkins in the patch