On a Bad Streek...

So today...I went to try another project from my wonderful can you guess what I'm up to now post...and well I think maybe, just maybe someone of greater power wants me to hold off things for a moment, not to mention said days Krylon disaster...because.....

This happened...what is it you ask?
a counter top...(I will never do a craft on my new cupboards again!)

Please note the black spots/marks

Keep going...what's this photo?

A glue stick..?

That leads to this,

which leads to THIS...yep that's a very burnt glue gun! use to be orange and black..now it's mostly just black...hehee

It burnt the glue stick, my cupboard and ALMOST a burnt me...it made this crazy mehhh noise like the buzzers on Jeopardy and then bounced off the counter and started smoking worse than (insert a chain smoker joke here)

Scared the begeebers outta me and well obviously it was now unusable. So I got me one of these bad boys!

actually it's a girl and her name is ROC-SIE(pronounced rock - see) - why Roc-sie? Because she ROCKS that's why..duh! I mean really though..is this not the most awesome glue gun you've ever seen? I'm going to get another one next week as a spare...just incase this wonderful should ever quit on me.

So since I just got her today, you will see my idea from the photo inspired post tomorrow!

On a lighter note! Guess who came home today? My hubba's best friend...here's a photo of the poster my daughter made for him!


  1. That is an awesome glue gun! Is that from Michaels? I think I saw some similar ones there!

    Glad nothing else burned!!!

  2. Glad you are ok, that sounds scary!