Izzy in her new home & MORE

Here is Izzy in her new home in the bathroom (thanks to the help of my parents)...so you also have a small sneek peek as to how it's coming along. I'm soooo happy to have this in my bathroom, it just looked sooo plain before so this is a big blast of awesomeness.

I also wanted to show you a few other projects I've been scurrying around doing (teeth pulled out and all!)

Here's my wall art. I purchased these at a yard sale a few weeks back for $5.00. I loved them right away but didn't pick them up...what was I thinking?...they had them listed at $3.00 each but when I went back the second time around to see if they were still there...(thank you thank you, lucky me) I asked if they would take $5.00 for the three and they said YES...thank you thank you again!

Before and After a coat of paint.
I think they were just primed before?

I can't wait to hang them above my sofa....after I paint that wall. It's going to be soooo pretty!

And I also made this...for free of course...had this long cylinder vase and added some pinecones and acorns and a old wasp nest from around the yard...the acorns weren't quite ready but I couldn't wait.
Now that I look at this as a photo though, I should probably rotate the pinecones and acorns it looks a little off balance.

And on top of all that we got some trim up in the bathroom around the door we had to fix. and some other small projects!

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