Fail that's not my Fault & some Ranting

So this is a fail...but in no way is it my fault...it's Krylons! Yes, I'm blaming someone else yet again for why things don't turn out...but this time it's for real! My hubba is even more thankful this time it's not his fault. So here's my issue...

Do you see this can of spray paint? ---->

Well, with that can of spray paint I wanted to make this lamp

Which would have been phase one of today's ideas
It also would have been my very first PBarn knock off!

The color on the base of this mercury lamp matches the top on the can of spray paint don't you think? I did to...but...the loverly people (jerks) at Krylon don't know how to label their cans and made me FAIL!

Here's how it all started...I found this real purdy lamp at my oh so favorite thrift store months ago for just $2.00 and I decided yesterday that I was going to glam it up by making it look like mercury glass then if that worked I would do it to my white one in my living room the same - buy a matching shade and wahhhla fancy pants lamps!

I started by spraying it black (to make the mercury effect more real when the black shows through instead of gold)...no time for primer it will just have to do...I'm way too excited about this!

Because it was not cleaned real well or primed the paint was having some problems sticking...HEY black mercury glass...but no - this is not what I wanted, and still not Krylon's fault at this point...see the picture below how it's bubbling? Might be a little dark to see..I'm to mad to photoshop photos today.

Next, after that dried, I used a water spray bottle and lightly sprayed the lamp with water to create the bubble effect, and then used the wonderful chrome like looking spray paint to go immediately on so the water wouldn't run or dry.
The "silver" metallic as they call it in Krylon Lier Land.
Here is where it is NOT my fault!

You see that...does that look ANYTHING like the lid...NO! It's a nice color and all but, no it does not! You big fat liars...not you..but KRYLON...

So here I am in the basement (because it's raining here) spraying my lil heart out all happy that I'm going to succeed and make my first Knock Off, and WHAM..suck.

I'm down there hollering at Krylon and Walmart for false advertising (even though it's not Walmart's fault either) Sounding like a mad women I'm sure...

But as you can see from below IF Krylon didn't mess up my project, it was turning out PERFECT. So YOU fail Krylon not me...YOU!

Let us recap again..and then I'm done complaining I swear...for today anyway.

Does this look like that?

and just because, I'm returning the can to Walmart today and looking for another kind of spray!
And since I'm in a mood...we'll see what the rest of the day brings for projects...might not be much : O |


  1. I tried that as well, on a wood picture frame, thinking it was going to be shiny like the lid! I was so mad!!!!

  2. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for stopping by -- Mandy at Mandy's Yellow Corner had emailed me earlier in the week and said she had mailed it -- however it may be a little longer on the ship time since you were in Canada. :) Hopefully you see it soon.

  3. Oh MAN! If that had worked it would have been FANTASTIC! I LOVE that idea. I have a lamp that could use that treatment. Now, I need to find the right kind of spray paint! ....and the hunt is on! ;-)