Back to School & a special message!

Since everyone seems to be doing a montage for back to school in blog land I thought I would be a copy cat and do it too...here's my gal on her first day back to school...the BIG GRADE 1...she was soo excited...give it a few years, I bet that will change....

Here she is just after breakfast striking a pose

after I took the photo she says "how bout doing one like this mom?" and strikes another pose

Here she is soooo pretty smiling outside waiting for the bus, I just love her to bits

She tied her own shoes today, where did the time go?

And there she goes....there goes my lil girl.....*sniff sniff* (wipes nose on shirt)

And lastly there's her daddy, going to work after watching his little girl go off to school on her first day...for the first time (he missed her very first day of school because he was away for work)


I just wanted to you all to know that my husbands best friend is also missing his little girl go off to school for her first day because he is in Afghanistan. Being a soldier is a hard job, we as wives (husbands) and children are silent soldiers standing behind the men and women we love as they make a sacrifice for their country. (bawling now)
We Miss you, and can't wait for your safe return home! Stay safe Troops!
Please take the time to thank a soldier for their service...my husband once told me that the best complement he ever received was from an older man who stood beside him at a Remembrance Day Ceramoney and said "thank you, for your sacrifice for our country" he told me it made him so proud and every day since, when he puts on his uniform the thinks of that man and that he really IS making a difference in the world. It really does make their job easier to know so many people are thankful, sometimes just hearing is that little something to keep them going!


  1. I remember those days. We pray always for the soldiers who are away. We're retired Army and proud of it AND our son is active duty and VERY proud of him! To all our soldiers AND their families... God Bless you all!

  2. I love your daughters purple shoes... I'm a purple girl too! Vicki