So it's almost the end of May and the answer to the question "is my dining room almost done" is NO and big fat NO. It's been crazy in this house and everything that could have happened as a distraction has happened. Never the less I'm trudging along in hopes that June will bring a little more time and we'll get both the dining room and entrance finished....it's a dream but who knows maybe if I try hard enough a reality.

Here's some things I've been doing while everything else is falling apart...

Some beautiful scenery from my mother in laws garden and yard...ahhhh summer

...and here's a cute little picture frame I found at a yard sale for 3.00 they sell the exact same ones at Walmart for 16.99!
The close up shows you some heavy dirt or mould not sure which one yet...I wanna find at least one if not two more without having to buy full price..I'm changing the photos in it of course to my beautiful babies.

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