Barn stars with just paint is BOOOOORRRING!

I love barn stars. I have a collection actually...when I bought these three they were black, burgundy and a beige color...I didn't really like them that color so I sprayed the red and cream one white...didn't really like that much either too plain...I'm not into plain if you haven't figured that out yet!
So the last one which was big and black didn't have texture like the other two. I thought for sure ("I'd ruined it when the spray can kept clumping my paint spray") if I tried hard enough I could get it to have some depth with the spray paint...and well...what do you think? Did I succeed? I think it looks amazing.

Since this craft ("messed up") took soo much skill...I can't tell you how to do this on your own.


here is a little Craft for you to do to give yours some texture.
I took the second and third stars and gave them some depth too. Here's how. Using a plain piece of paper I created a template for each star "spike" then traced that onto some textured scrap booking paper. Took some plain old white liquid school glue (not the glue stick kind) and with a paint brush spread it all over the star point. Then glued the paper to it let it dry, wha laa! Intant LOVE

Tune in later to see these fabulous stars finished and in my bathroom!

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  1. Love the paper on the stars, it adds dimension and makes them looked like they were made of those antique ceiling tiles.

  2. What a great idea! You could even add fun scrap book paper to match a room if you wanted. Thanks for posting this project!

    Kimberlee, from www.TheSpunkyDiva.blogspot.com

  3. LOVE the textured paper! I posted recently about using textured wallpaper on my vases, I just love a simple, cheap fix! Your stars look much more expensive, like designer pieces.

  4. Your textured stars are so cute! Great idea!

  5. It makes the star so much more elegant.

  6. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments...I love Texture and this was just what I was looking for...the scrap booking paper was actually from the swap The Shabby Chic Cottage Hosted!

  7. I love this star and I am watching for one to buy someday. This is soooo cool. Its hard to imagine it looking even better, good job!