Yet another unrelated dining room do-over

So my friend and I went shopping yesterday at thrift stores and near got killed from the crazy mad dashes for item. We did manage to come out with a few scores...here's a photo of the back of her car....and a few "in-depth" photos of our finds. There were so many things that we couldn't get due to the fact that I simply would have felt bad clubbing an old lady over the head with my newly found TP rack to get what she had grab that I wanted - BUT non the less a great day full of great finds...take a look.
The SUV...

TP holder that slings over the back of the toilet...almost part of a crime scene...for only 2.00

Sharon's awesome mirror find...

Can you believe this stand for only 6.99

LOVE these frames Sharon scored for only 3.99 each They are heavy...meaning good quality

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I'm working on THIS find today...but am at a stand still...there are a few more things I'd like to add to the amazing transformation but am stuck at ribbon which to choose...vintage or sleek? Letting you all decide as I take you trough the transformation so far...

The Before

And here I spray painted them from "original" to white...mmmm white.

I'm going to place one right side and one upside down attaching them with ribbon (as seen in the photo) but which ribbon to use this is my dilemma? I am at a stand still -HELP!

The black and grey sleek?
or the vintage black lace?

Lastly I am going to place in each of the arches monograms. Maybe of the kids names, maybe of our last name, not quite sure about that yet either that will be decided once I see the ribbons in place. But maybe I should have I mentioned my addiction to monograms. Or have I told you yet? No? Well let me tell you, I LOVE monos! You'll see as each of my rooms come together I'm hoping on having a Mono in each room....ooooo the anticipation, right? :)
Looking at the photos I think I like the vintage lace...but what do you think?

And again just a reminder of before when they were BLAH

They are going to look so cute!

OoOoOor....how about this? and a monogram on the top? I think I'm in LOVE....

As a side note...BOTH of these additions (the ribbon&medallion) are from my blog swap partner at The Shabby Chic Cottage Jeanna....I love me some Jeanna!


  1. Love that first mirror! And your other mirrors are turning out FAB! I say the black/gray ribbon -- and I love the cameo addition!! A monogram would rock!

  2. I'm glad no one got hurt. You were really fortunate with your finds :).

  3. All in a days work I say...and the frames are almost complete!

  4. I want to work where you work! I love estate sales, they have the best vintage frames for today's crafts!

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