Getting Organized to Get Organized

I went shopping yesterday "SURPRISE"...but really all jokes aside - I was actually looking for something I didn't find. However, I did find something else "SURPRISE" hehee - this amazing storage shelf thing for $2.00 to help organize all my crafty supplies. I bought one just testing the waters since it was in a box and had these storage containers in mind that I bought a while ago on a whim to organize which didn't happen but they fit just perfect...these purchases we only $1.00 each. I'm going back to the store to get more of both of these today.

Also got the amazing green PAISLEY fabric tucked in the middle shelf on discount at Walmart for 1.97/metre...and obviously I bought all that they had. (Did I mention Paisley is another obsession of mine) I'm not sure just what to do with it yet...I might use the back side since it's more muted and less LOUD. The bright colors just aren't me. BUT IT'S PAISLEY and that is me.
AND picked up this pink sheet set for my daughter's bed..originally from Walmart but found at Value Village for just 1.99 a piece...this was part of our finds from the other day but I decided to wait to post it at a later date. Which just happened to be now...One day later...go figure.

And this lamp also from V V that matches the paisley sheets for my daughters room. $6.99...can't wait to see this room all put together!

I'm going shopping again today to pick up hardware for my desk I bought a while ago and the side table I bought in the thrift craze two days ago...Matchy Matchy!

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