Hey Everyone....are you on FACEBOOK? If you are...I have a new page it's called ETCH|designs! Check it out and "like" it please...and share the happiness with all your friends!

Some of the things I sell are tutus, hair clips and bows, stamped washer jewellery, bags and much much more coming soon!

What's behind the name you ask?? Well...E - is for Emily (my daughter) / T - is for Terry (my husband) C - is for Cohen (my son) and H - well that's for me Heather...the one you all know and love....just kidding. But I'm so happy with the way it all comes together to make a hip and fun name!


  1. Hi heather! I'm returning from my blog, mother*lode, responding to your question about spoonflower.com. Yes, you can design and order your own fabric - you can order as as small as a swatch to yardage! Way cool eh?? Oh, I tried to email you direct but you don't have email enabled in your blogger profile. Camille

  2. Hi Heather! I wanted to drop by and let you know that you won the Hand Stamped Jewelry Giveaway! EEEK! Send me an email with what piece you would like and your contact information and I'll get it off to Mandy. :) Thanks for following!!

  3. Enjoy your blog but its hard to read - can't see text with background and times roman is a lousy font for web