Margaret isn't at her best!

Hey Everyone...

It's a little late but as promised I am going to share with you the INCREDIBLE find I found for just 10.00 while yardsaling...the one that was NIB that my hubba had to build...

the pictures a bit dark and the basement is a mess but there she is...stella...I still have to find a bench and I'm TRYING to convince my hubba to let me paint it but he's not budging. Maybe if I find a bench that doesn't match he might be willing to let me paint it to make it match!

and Margaret at her best...well her best for now.

I still think she needs something right below her detail...but what? Any suggestions? I have no clue what to do here

Also I want to show you the remake of the temperature wheel I had bought for the kids room...what are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.


  1. I love the way Margaret and the temperature wheel turned out. Maybe you could put a small vinyl quote below her detail.

  2. What a great find for $10. I must admit I would be itching to paint it too. That color would look great as an undercoat for a distressed paint treatment!

  3. I KNOW RIGHT! I want to distress it...agh...if we could only convince the hubba

  4. oooh! What a fab find! My husband also does not care to paint over "perfectly wonderful looking wood". But I have to agree with you, painting it would be lovely. ;-)