Great day to be Sailing - I mean SALE-ing


FIRST LET ME TELL YOU...I'm Guest posting at Sugar Bee today!

and now

A bunch of great finds from today. Can't wait to show them to you.

First we will show you my PRIZE possession and my very last find of the day...

This AMAZING mirror, just $5.00! Can't wait to see old Margaret (that's her new name) all done up in white with a little bit of glazing.

Just look at her detail....aaahhhh lovely isn't it.

Next on the List we have TWO more favorite finds...pottery barn knock offs!

More mirrors for just 5.00 for the pair this time...these would be my favorite BUT because I'm unsure how to mount them (any suggestions?) they fall second place :) I wanted to have them hung with a ribbon like I seen done with the pottery barn ones but how to I attach the ribbon? And will the ribbon be strong enough to hold them? They currently have NOTHING on the back.

I found these lovely lights (I know what you are thinking...ewwww right? Well don't because they remind me of my Nanna's cottage when I was a kid) These were only $1.00! Laugh if you want to...I hear you snickering..but I can't wait to hang them up!

Next on the yard sale list...Baskets - one can never have too many baskets...and these my friends were only 1.00 each! These will be perfect for a few different things...but my first thought when I seen them - PHOTO PROPS!

More dollar finds :

This Three wick candle and these curtain rod hangers were only .70cents for the two (mainly because that's all I had left in change) SCORE!

and for the kids room - this oh so nautical and cute (temperature telling) boat wheel. Can't wait to paint this white and put the rope back on, but maybe in a different way...hummm, guess you'll have to wait and see!

There's one more treat of the day...but that will have to wait until it get's built...It's the best deal BY FAR!

What did you get while at Yard Sales? (don't forget to leave me suggestions on how to hang those mirrors!)


  1. Great Finds Today. LOve the mirror!

  2. Wow, Margaret's a cheap thrill! lol....Love it!