So I've been Busy

I got a burst of energy today. I hit the house like a tornado!
I FINALLY had to paint the things that have been sitting around the house driving me crazy because I couldn't stand it.
I'm starting room by room with the furniture and also doing a clean sweep of things in the process. Today's tackle was the living room and a piece for my corner reading nook (or soon to be)

Here's a few things I accomplished today.

I decided to paint most of my wood things white...and I may or may not have my hubba's blessing when he returns home from his ball tournament.

Here's the Before: (this is actually the coffee table before)

And Here's the After: (End table Version)

Next we have this frame...I bought it and still like it....It's just....well....I wanted it to look older...and maybe a bit whiter, and well....nothing like it looked....soooooo...heheheee

The Before:

And the After: (the matting color is a bit off now but that will take some time to figure out)

To see the before of the table lamp...click HERE

Then there's the BENCH...if the previous posted photos don't make him flinch...this one is SURE to send him over the edge.

The Before: (Pay no attention to the mess on my floor in the first photo, and try not to judge keep in mind this is why ALL this is happening :) I'm a hoarder my hubba's sure of it)

This is a bad photo taken with my computer camera..I was too lazy to get my good one outta the car for just a before shot

And the After: (still not finished on the inside of the cubbies yet and I have yet to sew the new cushion cover)

.....and that's it for today folks..tune in later this week to find out the rest of the story!



  1. Very nice. I love the table. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing! I founf your post on "Twice owned Tuesday" at House of grace

  3. You sure have been busy...loving all the white though!!!

  4. Found you through Twice owned Tuesday...love the re-do's=))

  5. LOVE all the white, Heather! You HAVE been busy -- and it looks amazing! Great job!

  6. Great transformations! I love the white!

  7. Love the white! Everything looks so clean and crisp. Can't go wrong with that! :)

  8. I like all of it. I"m totally into painting things white too. It has taken years for hubby to let me paint his "wood furniture" white. But I have prevailed...with patience..and of course whining helps! hahahaha...
    Love your post. That frame really looks great. It all does.

  9. Love how the frame turned out; his smile even looks bigger, lol!


  10. The white really looks great - nice job

  11. Everything looks really nice. I was wondering how painting wrought iron would look and I think you've inspired me to get busy with a few wrought iron & wood pieces I have.

  12. LOOKS GREAT ! I am doing the same thing next weekend! Thanks for the motivation!
    Have a pretty day!