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Some of the things I sell are tutus, hair clips and bows, stamped washer jewellery, bags and much much more coming soon!

What's behind the name you ask?? Well...E - is for Emily (my daughter) / T - is for Terry (my husband) C - is for Cohen (my son) and H - well that's for me Heather...the one you all know and love....just kidding. But I'm so happy with the way it all comes together to make a hip and fun name!


So I've been Busy

I got a burst of energy today. I hit the house like a tornado!
I FINALLY had to paint the things that have been sitting around the house driving me crazy because I couldn't stand it.
I'm starting room by room with the furniture and also doing a clean sweep of things in the process. Today's tackle was the living room and a piece for my corner reading nook (or soon to be)

Here's a few things I accomplished today.

I decided to paint most of my wood things white...and I may or may not have my hubba's blessing when he returns home from his ball tournament.

Here's the Before: (this is actually the coffee table before)

And Here's the After: (End table Version)

Next we have this frame...I bought it and still like it....It's just....well....I wanted it to look older...and maybe a bit whiter, and well....nothing like it looked....soooooo...heheheee

The Before:

And the After: (the matting color is a bit off now but that will take some time to figure out)

To see the before of the table lamp...click HERE

Then there's the BENCH...if the previous posted photos don't make him flinch...this one is SURE to send him over the edge.

The Before: (Pay no attention to the mess on my floor in the first photo, and try not to judge keep in mind this is why ALL this is happening :) I'm a hoarder my hubba's sure of it)

This is a bad photo taken with my computer camera..I was too lazy to get my good one outta the car for just a before shot

And the After: (still not finished on the inside of the cubbies yet and I have yet to sew the new cushion cover)

.....and that's it for today folks..tune in later this week to find out the rest of the story!



Margaret isn't at her best!

Hey Everyone...

It's a little late but as promised I am going to share with you the INCREDIBLE find I found for just 10.00 while yardsaling...the one that was NIB that my hubba had to build...

the pictures a bit dark and the basement is a mess but there she is...stella...I still have to find a bench and I'm TRYING to convince my hubba to let me paint it but he's not budging. Maybe if I find a bench that doesn't match he might be willing to let me paint it to make it match!

and Margaret at her best...well her best for now.

I still think she needs something right below her detail...but what? Any suggestions? I have no clue what to do here

Also I want to show you the remake of the temperature wheel I had bought for the kids room...what are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.


In a Creative type of Mood

Sooo...I'm in a crafty kinda mood today. I have so far painted my mirror find on the weekend and am waiting for the second round to dry, painted my boat wheel temperature gauge and and am now working on revamping this....I just had to stop and share my mood with you all...stay tuned for the transformation.


Great day to be Sailing - I mean SALE-ing


FIRST LET ME TELL YOU...I'm Guest posting at Sugar Bee today!

and now

A bunch of great finds from today. Can't wait to show them to you.

First we will show you my PRIZE possession and my very last find of the day...

This AMAZING mirror, just $5.00! Can't wait to see old Margaret (that's her new name) all done up in white with a little bit of glazing.

Just look at her detail....aaahhhh lovely isn't it.

Next on the List we have TWO more favorite finds...pottery barn knock offs!

More mirrors for just 5.00 for the pair this time...these would be my favorite BUT because I'm unsure how to mount them (any suggestions?) they fall second place :) I wanted to have them hung with a ribbon like I seen done with the pottery barn ones but how to I attach the ribbon? And will the ribbon be strong enough to hold them? They currently have NOTHING on the back.

I found these lovely lights (I know what you are thinking...ewwww right? Well don't because they remind me of my Nanna's cottage when I was a kid) These were only $1.00! Laugh if you want to...I hear you snickering..but I can't wait to hang them up!

Next on the yard sale list...Baskets - one can never have too many baskets...and these my friends were only 1.00 each! These will be perfect for a few different things...but my first thought when I seen them - PHOTO PROPS!

More dollar finds :

This Three wick candle and these curtain rod hangers were only .70cents for the two (mainly because that's all I had left in change) SCORE!

and for the kids room - this oh so nautical and cute (temperature telling) boat wheel. Can't wait to paint this white and put the rope back on, but maybe in a different way...hummm, guess you'll have to wait and see!

There's one more treat of the day...but that will have to wait until it get's built...It's the best deal BY FAR!

What did you get while at Yard Sales? (don't forget to leave me suggestions on how to hang those mirrors!)


I turned 50 today!! well..kinda

So no...my age is not 50...BUT 50 followers I DO HAVE! I can't believe it. I woke up this morning to check my blogger board and there you all were...all 50 of you!
I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would hit 50 followers...I just started this blog to fulfil the urge to get my ideas on paper. I'm SOOO HAPPY TODAY and it's all because of all of you.

I want to share with you a simple tutorial on how to make some super cute decor balls....I made these MONTHs ago and was going to wait until the bathroom reveal but since today marks a VERY special occasion, I felt the need to post.

This entire project was bought from the dollar store and cost a total of 3 dollars - it made 6 balls : that's .50 cents a ball....go way! lol

What I used and you will need:

Raffia & Raffia String
Round Styrofoam Balls
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks ( due to the heat of the gun you could also use regular super glue, I recommend this)

How to:

Glue the end of your raffia or to the styrofoam ball, wrap around the ball once then slowly start to shift directions gluing sections as you go (you only have to do this once every two or three wraps) Make sure that you are not always overlapping in the same place. Once you have done this and the ball is covered to your liking cut the end and glue it down, and TADA you are done and have beautiful decor balls with a beachy twist!

Place then in a bowl or vase, which ever you like. My regular raffia one wasn't covered fully but because I didn't have super glue and had to use a glue gun the thinness of the raffia made it burn my fingers and I gave up :) I like the way it looks anyways!

Stay tuned if you don't have a bowl, because later I have a dooozy for ya!

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Without suggestions

My last post was kinda lacking the regular improvement quality....I was looking for some suggestions on what to place on the front of this tin bucket...but didn't get any responses - so I just used my original idea.
Here it is with the skills to do it :

I am using it for my kids nautical room remember...so I was inspired by numbers on boats, sails, etc.

First I used a home made stencil - I did this by tracing some number images from my computer screen on to looseleaf. I used pen but you could - to keep it simple - just use the pencil through the whole thing

Then I flipped it over and shaded in all the surrounding area with the pencil...flipped it over again and traced the letters

I traced this step with pen for picture purposes too, so you could see better....

Then just painted where the outline marked on the tin...I didn't photograph this step because the tin was too dark to see....hope this isn't too complicated of a tutorial...let me know your thoughts! I love to hear em!

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