This Month's projects are inspired by..My Front Room!

Though I'm working on the living room this month you will not see the finished project as I am only plugging away at the living room until my husband finishes the construction in the dining room. Once this is done I'm going to be making THAT room my May Project WHICH is a task in it's own since there is something going on EVERY WEEKEND in May. But I'm up for the challange...I CAN do this...I have no choice. :)

I seen this pillow and just had to have one...I'm not a fan of the blue being in it because I am trying for a grey and white theme for the major rooms in my home so this blue just won't work. I have decided to create some pillows like this for my couch and some other fun inspired pillows to go with the flow...once that is done..I MAY or May Not work on slip covers...only time will tell. With two kiddos a life of sewing is a tough task!

Here's the Project so far...

And the Finished Project...I decided to reverse the side the flowers were on...it just looked better

I also Made another pillow...here it is...when the living room is posted you'll see the entire collection of pillows I have created.

This is a photo of one side of the room Currently...I found a cute little side table that will replace the one that is there currently...just to brighten the place up...This will all be displayed at a later date with the room completion.

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  1. You know how I love white bedding, well, as I was sitting here I imagined a pile of these delicious little pillows on a white bed with billowy white bedding..lovely!!!

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  3. So pretty! I love the white on white.

  4. Great pillows! I love all the ruffles. So pretty.

  5. Thanks everyone...I thought the white on white was a nice touch as well...love my greys and whites