We'll I'm here now and there's no turing back. I'm setting some goals right here and now: As a minor goal I am going to try and post a new craft every month but as a major goal every week...I'll probably fall somewhere in between. I've gotten into this Shabby Chic Faze and plan to follow it, it's a modern twist too. Over the next few months I plan on finishing up the CRAZY renovations that are going on in my house right now, this blog will hopefully keep me afloat in succeeding such a task. I'll have a post beginning with items that will go in a room as an "accessory" followed by a photo of the finished product of the room. ENJOY...oh and did I mention I'M SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!


Even though I stated that I would be posting photos pertaining to the room I'm working on I just couldn't help myself to make these WONDERFUL vintage clothes pins as the clothesline was calling my name during this wonderful weather. I got the idea from a blog posting from "Twice Remembered Cottage" which can I add is one of my favourites...she's wonderful. I loved hers but wanted to take mine one step further to use a lighter design and antiqued it...I couldn't be happier...I'm all smiles about this one. I LOVE CLOTHES PINS!

I've only made these so far but plan on making more this week to make sure my clothes line is the best looking one in the neighbourhood. And to think, this whole project cost me nothing but time because I used all the scraps from around my house!

Here's " Project Clothes Pin " Day 1

So two days into " Project Clothes Pin " and I couldn't resist doing a pink set and green set before the week was out.

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