A Cute Little Find...

So...I was out at a second hand shop yesterday looking for some more white fabric with texture...which I found yep that's right...1 yard for 1.00...GO ME...and I found this cute tin/silver like potter, and this sweet little bell. The planter pot I plan on using in the dining room as a small table center piece between my two hurricanes, and the bell we will see at a later date in the NEW guest room!

In the picture you can't really see in inscription but it says " Mother's Day 1978 " This reminds me so much of the one my grandmother had when I was growing up. Soooo Charming..don't you think?

Bought this lamp at a second hand shop for 9.99 and used some white spray paint to fancy it up...and although I forgot to take a before picture in all the excitement to rush and paint it the picture below is one I found off the net that is almost identical to what it did look like.

And a little spray paint....

A shade for 14.98 plus tax from Walmart and WHAAAHHLA...a new fab lamp for $28.21

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  1. The lamp looks great; white paint is magic!