EEKKKK sooo excited...

So as per my last post...I am doing a nautical theme for my kids room.  (and yes...it's still nautical this week too) I'm excited to announce I might have gotten one of these

to replace the book case they now have in their room....exciting I know...my grandfather made a few about 3 years ago which I did not know about...boo for me...and my two aunt each got one...lucky for me one of these above mentioned aunts decided to sell hers...yes it sucks that I have to pay for it, but it's less than I would have to buy one for in the store right??  I wonder if I get a family discount non the less?  Hmmmm?

ANYWAYS...that's my update for today...I'm lookin for an old boat oar for the curtain rod too...then I can post you more photos of sneak peeks and soon enough....the grand finale, so stay tuned and don't touch that dial...

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