SOOOO I'm about the most undeceive person I know...Cat in the Hat is out the window....mainly because it's soooo hard to find anything around here like that....and the other reason being when I was in the fabric store the other day they had the FABULOUS fabric I had fallen in love with last season ON SALE for only 3.00 a metre..so I got a metre and made these....

Then I bought some grey sheer stuff (only 2.79 for 2 metres) to cover an old barrel shade mom picked up for me at a yard sale for only 2.00 and look at it now....fab...if I do say so myself...and I do....mind you it also came with a huge headache from my kids hanging over me and stepping on the material while I was trying to wrap it...and burnt fingers from trying to glue sheer to a shade...but non the less it still was worth all the hassle

I also found a snake today and decided to get a few good shots of him....I love his colors don't you?  I uploaded this photo to my facebook and tagged on of my good friends who is terrified of snakes...just because I though she would see how cute he is...not because I had intentions to make her cry...or did I ?  I'll let you decide....

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