Quick & Easy Jewellery Solution!

So the last time I was home I was helping my organized obsessed best friend (and when I say best friend I don't mean the kind that come and go from your life, I mean a 20 year friendship that keeps getting stronger every day of every moment) Now that we got that cleared up...She was organizing her MASSIVE collection of accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc. She had no where to put her earrings so that they weren't just sitting on her shelf soooo...
I thought for a second and then WHAM....I asked her if she still had the old square frames she had on kijiji...she said yes, I went running looking for them then told her...I'll be back have to go to the dollar store...
I can back with a rubber placemat type thing that had holes in it (similar to those under the rug grippers or in between plate things so they don't slip) and some velcro...then started ripping apart the frames and took out the glass, grabbed the scissors, measured and cut the placemat to the size of the glass I took out...then...put the frame back together using the placemat instead of the glass. The I added the velcro dots to each corner of the frame...stuck the other side of the velcro to the side of her jewellery armoire and this is what it looks like!

Of course this is not ALL of her earrings I took the picture before she finished but...now her earrings all have a place and do not take up space on her shelf! YAY ME all for $2.00


  1. So cute! I need to do this to organize my earrings!! I also love that you have been friends for so long...so special!! :)

  2. I love old frames...so many great uses! This one is good! ~Deb~